7 Lifestyle Steps on How to Detox

Get a kick start to a healthy lifestyle with the Lifestyle 21 Program. Knowing and understanding the following 7 categories below will allow you to create a healthy lifestyle to help you maintain realistic goals each and every day. I have been running this program for about 10 years now - transforming over 1,000 athletes... Continue Reading →

My Method: HAX Training

With the rise of modern day fitness programs, many people are starting to question their boring gym routine and finally ask themselves, “am I actually seeing results? Are my workouts even effective? How can I get the best burn within a short period of time?” Finding the right workout can be difficult, especially one that... Continue Reading →

Introduction: Jamar Clarke

Welcome to the first EVER Jamar Clarke fitness and lifestyle blog that will include educational tips on workouts, nutrition, recipes, fitness gear and much more! I am excited to finally release this blog as it will be an informational tool to guide you through my unique coaching and perspective on fitness. My blog will explore... Continue Reading →

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