7 Lifestyle Steps on How to Detox

Get a kick start to a healthy lifestyle with the Lifestyle 21 Program. Knowing and understanding the following 7 categories below will allow you to create a healthy lifestyle to help you maintain realistic goals each and every day. I have been running this program for about 10 years now – transforming over 1,000 athletes with this weight loss method. This program is not high maintenance but it is extremely effective. It is built to blend in with your day to day life. I created the Lifestyle 21 program to prove that small goals are just as important as the big goals in an individual’s health journey. The change in your performance, sleep pattern, energy, and your body within 21 days makes you wanting to keeping using the program. My favorite thing about this program is that you can see instant results.

“I lost just under 10 lbs in 19 days…shredded body fat and gained muscle. I was always fit before coming to flight room but what I did not realize until coming to FR is that I was missing that spark to give 110%. From someone who has always worked out 6 days a week on top of riding 3 horses a day that kind of transformation in 19 days speaks enough for itself. I was no longer going through the motions of a workout but was in it with my team at FR surrounded by the most encouraging group of people I have ever met . The workouts are just insane leaving you looking at the board thinking, “did we just do that?” None of this would be possible without the trainers…they created this atmosphere and we are just lucky enough to be in it!! The toughest part of the shred is the mental piece and I would have never been able to do it without the support of the FR team.” – Aimee G

#1 Structure:

This is a 21 day structured program for athletes looking to lose weight. In order to be successful with this program you need to have discipline. Trusting the process, and being true to yourself is going to be very important in order to see the best results you’re looking for.

#2 Stay Away From Temptation:

When it comes down to eating, you may find it tempting to eat junk foods. This may be due to your friends and/or family having different goals in mind, and they’re not trying to eat clean or it could be the social life aspect.

Going out to dinner or to a bar on the weekends may be extremely tempting for people to go off and abandon their healthy lifestyle. Especially, if you break the temptation once, it’ll lead to two times, then three and at that point you’ve lost control of your goal. Eating clean and natural will be hard at first if you usually treat yourself here and there, which means not having that cookie before bed, or that drink with dinner at the end of a long day. Breaking these temptations will allow you to stay on track and focus on your goal.

#3 Stop Overeating When You Workout:

Many athletes feel like it’s a reward to eat bad foods after working out. That should not be your mentality. Working out should be an everyday regimen to eat certain foods, and healthy portion sizes.  It is counterproductive to workout just to eat junk food. You should be working out to stay fit, and wanting to change or maintain your physique. Small portions throughout your day and not overeating is such an important hack to know and people just aren’t aware. Personally, I believe you should have the smallest meal in the morning and the biggest meal in the middle of the day, because that is when you need the most energy to help move you power throughout the day.

#4 Start Becoming Aware of Portion Sizes:

I swear it’s true – you can eat healthy raw foods (small portions) and actually feel full. Eating the correct portions, the right amount of times throughout the day at certain times makes it sometimes difficult to eat all of the food. You may feel like you’re eating more but in reality you are consuming less calories by choosing whole foods. This also keeps your metabolism working, and you will be able to break down your food faster.

#5 Change Your Mentality:

This program teaches you that you can handle the pressure. This program is not a long term plan but it is sustainable. It provides a jump-start to help you get into a routine to teach you how to eat healthy. In addition, to what types of food and portion sizes you should be consuming throughout the day.

#6 It’s all About BALANCE:

In order for this to work you need to be CONSISTENT. Working out should be a part of life, a must do/everyday thing. If you are consistent you can have those cheat days, and enjoy your pizza, ice cream, or beer. Life is about having balance.

#7 Stop Working Out For Long Periods Of Time:

If you think doing two workouts a day or running extra miles after class is going to work in order to shred – you are wrong. In fact, 40-90 minutes of working out a day is plenty. 90 is more than enough, and 40 is the perfect amount of time to go hard for during a class. Overworking is only going to burn you out because your muscles will be overworked and fatigued. It all circles back to having balance with food and consistent exercise, in which your body will change overtime.

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